This group will be made by Holmen players priority, but could be open to others that can bring quality and sustainable to the group. The main organization will be between 4 to 5 times a week but exceptions can be acceptable by the HC responsible by he group. The fitness is mandatory in all players of the group. Meetings will be done with parents and players before, between and every time is necessary for the good day by day, month and year function of the group. The main focus of our competition group will be on development of kids till players. We will follow some development projects, specialty Canadian, USA and Australian.

The goal is to work on a optimal training system instead of a the outcomes system, winning. The difference is clearly on the goal, the planing of season, the not injury situation cause by overtrain and  give the opportunity for the players to reach they individual full potential when the right time. That time is the ambition of every player that needs to grow with the understanding that if they want to be tennis players the fun will  decreases and the hard work increases in the process of the players. It means that the hard work will prevailed above the talent along the years, they should grow up with this idea. Work is to have discipline, routines, good plans of training’s according to the times of the season, a fitness program that avoid injuries and make the player stronger in the necessities of the tennis game and still enjoy the process of this.

«At some time children will be on the court competing against another player or doubles team. Competition at the correct time will provide a focus on the game, bring an awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and sharpen skills and tactics. Competition will also provide valuable opportunities for your child to make decisions in real time. On the other hand, competition too early can lead to discouragement and the development of skills and tactics could be compromised if kids revert to bad habits for short-term success.

“Damage done between ages 6-10 and 10-16 cannot be fully corrected (players/athletes will never reach their genetic potential) and national training or sport centers receiving mediocre athletes – regardless of funding and expertise – cannot recover from the “damages” of earlier training.”

“Missing optimum opportunities significantly affects a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential.» There are identifiable stages during a child’s physical and psychological development that offer optimum opportunities to develop attributes such as basic movement skills (agility, balance, coordination and speed), basic sports skills (running, jumping, throwing, skating, and striking), and physical capacities (flexibility, endurance, and strength). Missing these optimum opportunities has been shown to significantly affect a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential.

In most of the current system, training in early years, focuses only on outcomes (winning) rather than the developmental process (optimal training).

The register can be made in the website, tennis school  22/23 but only the aplication regarding the information, the aprovoal as to be then done by the HC responsible, acording to several guidelines.