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Summer Camps 2024

You don t need to be a member of Holmen Tennis Club to participate in our camps or saturdays drop in.

Information will be place  soon

Registration for our camps and activities, except Drop in and Mini tennis on Saturdays, (SPOND), takes place directly in MATCHi, where all students must have their own profile, only for the tennis school.

Courses 20024

You must be a member of Holmen Tennis Club to participate in our courses. 

Check our tutorial how to apply for the tennis course: Youtube Tutorial

Information for those who are going to enroll children on courses

Tennis school 2024, first semester will be from  2, January  to 21 June.

We will have break in week 8 – 19 to 23 February. During the break we will offer camps for both kids and adults. Also a break in week 13 – 25 March to April 1. A camp also will be in roll. After the end, 21 June, we will organize 2 weeks of tennis camps.

The schedule will be according to the needs of the courses and availability of the hours and courts that will be given to us by the school’s management.

If you will need help with registration, call the general manager: 900 83 275, information about tennis school call the Head Coach 94435613.

Our courses

Mini tennis (- 9 years)

Mini tennis has 4 levels: Blue, Red, Orange and Green ball. The transition from blue to red to orange ball etc. happens in step with the child’s development in line with the NTF Tennis Kids philosophy. We do not want to follow these levels slavishly. Our goal is to get the children up to yellow ball as quickly as the child’s abilities and motivation dictate, while at the same time we take care of the real joy of tennis that Holmen Tennis is known for.

For best development of the kids we recommend to sign up at least 2 times per week. We see that the children who sign up to play 2 times per week enjoy the sport more and feel that they are getting better in all aspects.

Prices pr season:

2.600 NOK– 1 hour

4.600 NOK – 2 hours

6.600 NOK – 3 hours

Junior (10 – 17 years)

The «Junior» course is only played with a yellow ball and is suitable for all students who want to play 1 – 2 times a week. These classes are slightly larger, up to 6 students, with a social focus. Kids will learn all the basic techniques of the sport, and will learn how to play and enjoy the game.

Prices  season:

3.400 NOK – 1 hour

5.800 NOK – 2 hours

8.200 NOK – 3 hours

«Pre-competition» (10 – 14 years)

The course we have called pre competition (only with yellow ball) is suitable for children who want and have the qualities to prepare for the competition group, starting to work on different techniques, tactics and fitness routines. These will be slightly smaller classes, up to 4 students. The smaller classes give more room to invest in the development of the players at younger ages. The acceptance of the pre competition players are by agreement with the head coach and coaches, if accepted the prices and the schedule will be sent.


The ambition for this group is to give the children the best opportunities to achieve their optimal technical, physical, mental and tactical level. We have a strong focus on creating good competitive players. The competition schedule can be adapted to the individual’s needs by agreement with the head coach. Also players can join the sessions and not belong to the competion group regulary. The competition players are by agreement with the head coach and coaches. if accepted the prices and the schedule will be sent. For the competition players it will be possible to have a Green Card, with discounts for the booking of courts (speak with DL).

Adult tennis

For existing adult players, we have ambitions to raise the physical, technical and tactical level to the maximum potential each individual wishes to achieve. It can eg mean that we define and follow up concrete goals.

For new adult players, we will work purposefully to find each individual’s optimal place in the tennis school, based on your skills and needs. That is that we are interested in driving your level up, if you are ready for it.

We want to offer training with high ambitions, also for adult players.

Prices Session:

4.500 NOK – 1 hour

9.000 NOK – 2 hours

Welcome to the new tennis school season 2024!